Welcome — Dear reader, thank you for visiting ‘The Art of Motorsport.’ This website was developed as a product of the years I have spent involved in the highly competitive world of automotive racing. While it is often true that the public’s exposure to motorsport usually portraits the exploits of the drivers, mechanics and various other members of the teams at any given circuit, it is also true that this is just a mere glimpse into the vast scope of motor racing; itself being a byproduct of engineering, design, and yes – artistry of the highest caliber. 

This Website – is a love letter to not only the parts of motorsport that you see on TV, but also to all the various participants who left their prints within the gallery of automotive history. This is a celebration of history and human triumph – the steadfast pride of those who achieved greatness, and the eager awakening of all those to follow in their footsteps. We hope you can join us in this journey as we celebrate our beloved sport – and everything in it.